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Irene's Myomassology Institute offers 40 different classes in a variety of subjects focusing on holistic health or bodywork. Some of them are of general interest designed to inspire personal growth and expand awareness. Others are specialties and modalities used to enhance a therapeutic massage. These dynamic classes are offered as electives in our massage training program, but they are all open to the public.

Irene's classes in complimentary healing, therapeutic bodywork, personal development, Eastern practices, and energy work are all open to the public. Our subjects range from aromatherapy to crystal healing, feng shui to spiritual development, and trigger points to reflexology. We invite you to explore the wealth of information available at Irene's.

Why Choose Irene's Myomassology Institute?

Massage Therapists provide a wide range of services to their clients. An Irene's education includes a multitude of techniques, modalities and information. Our curriculum provides a holistic approach balancing body, mind and spirit. The public's awareness of natural health and preventive medicine is continuously growing. People are beginning to understand the importance of good health practices. Many are realizing that medicine does not have all the answers and are turning to other methods to feel well. Thus, the demand for complementary and natural health care is expanding. In turn, the need for trained massage therapists is increasing. Irene's provides the holistic information people are looking for.

A Broad Array of Electives

As a nationally accredited institution, we are committed to providing the best program in therapeutic massage available. Irene's provides everything a national school has to offer and so much more. We are a family-owned business that truly cares about each of our students.

  • We offer financial aid for qualified students, scholarships, flexible schedules, and lifetime job placement services.
  • Our curriculum is founded on Irene's innovative techniques and decades of experience. Building upon knowledge passed down from her father and grandmother, Irene began to formally study massage in the 1950's. Utilizing her natural born gift and years of experience, she developed myomassology as a comprehensive healing art.
  • Irene's instructors are talented, caring, and dedicated to providing their students with a quality educational experience. They bring an abundance of knowledge and experience to our program.
  • Holistic health is a tradition in Irene's family. Come join our family and start your journey today!

A full 160 hours of your training hours will consist of electives, giving you control over a substantial portion of your education. By choosing from these and other elective categories, you can design a course of study that meets your specific interests and goals.

If you're looking for the leading Massage Therapy Training in the Madison Heights MI area, contact Irene's Myomassology Institute today! Call us at 248-574-8108 and take the first step with your new career!

One of the best decisions I have ever made was picking this school, going through the program, and getting exposed to all that I’ve seen and experienced. There is a reason Irene’s is a nationally recognized school. It is magical. - E.H. June 2016